Sunday, 8 June 2008

Worldwdie Readership

Some days ago, I sing up in to one of this site who track your visits, that a friend had recommended me, I thought it was a good idea since I never trusted on the drunk duck’s stats counter, once I did I regret not had done it before, not only for the detailed stats, but also for this feature that allow me to see in which parts of the world my comics are read. I was truly amazed with the results; Do not tell is officially read in at least one place in each continent, visits from countries that sound so remote to me like Alaska, Malaysia, Iceland or South Africa, are between all the other nationalities that are showed. (Though people from these countries, may think that I am the one living in a remote place of the world). All this really make my day and made me want to keep drawing comics. Plus I’m enjoying all the flags that are showed on the statistics (I always have this weird hobby of memorizing countries flags) Unfortunately the free account of statcounter only give me the possibility to track 500 visits at the same time so the oldest spots on the map are deleted when new visits are recorded. So wherever you come from thanks for reading the comic.

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