Wednesday, 23 July 2008

Resurrecting former adictions

While I'm lacking of a proper computer to play the latest gammes, I decide to install, old gammes that for one reason or an other, I never finish, So yesterday I installed Jedi knight II outcast, I think I stop playing it when I got jedi academy, anyway I spend some time playing it from the begining, and then i get bored mainly because I didn't have a lightsaber and also because I spend more time figure out how to solve the all the puzzles, on the first mission, then I look on my cd's archive where I found my the saved files from years ago, And I started playing the game where I left it time before, It was a relief having a light saber and I enjoy the jedi vs. sith fights, but then I started to bore because again maily because I found my self solving a lot of puzzles again. So I decided to look for some reviews from 2002, I found got critisism, but a lot of people admit that the game have to much puzzles, and honestly I think that for each hour of play I spend two solving puzzles, which is terribly frustrating, perhaps I should read the reviews before buying the gamme several years ago, anyway is to late for that, and I'm really close to the ending so I'll propably continue playing.

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