Thursday, 25 December 2008

Merry Christmas!!!

Well my Christmas celebration pretty much sucks, but is not like I’m had big expectations about it, basically everyone in my family is traveling for a marriage in another city the days following so Everyone spend the 24 packing, of course I’m the only one who’s staying because I have to take care of my two dogs (and turtle) that not only need feed but also psychological support when all the new year’s fireworks starts, so yeah that means that I’m going to spend the new year eve alone? With… dogs? As if was some kind of old and childless old man! Well yes but seeing the bright side I could use it as training for my future as an old lonely and childless old man. No matter how depressing that sounds somehow I’m not depressed, I’m actually in a normal mood which in my case often includes a lot of sarcasm, I’m not really one of those persons who get depressed easily. I guess Karma force me to be a happy and friendly person most of the time for being such a bitter teenager in the past.


Celt04 said...

Hope your New Year with the dogs isn't too bad. I'm stuck on my own at home because my travel plans all screwed up, so I've been entertaining myself by reading your comics.

vice said...

thanks it wasn't so bad, sorry to hear about your travel plans, I thing that happens a lot at this time of the year.