Friday, 29 August 2008

Well lately I has lost connection with this blog, but hopefully that will change soon. Yesterday I was cleaning my bookcase because honestly it's a mess right now, and I start by put in order my sketchbook I have several of them, like form the year 2004 or perhaps even older, I can't remember, the thing is that I always found some inspiring stuff when I check out my older sketches, and often I redraw the picture pointing the year of the remade so I can se my progress at drawing. Now that most of my old sketchbook has run out of space, I was thinking on remaking some of the older draws digitally so I don't embarrass myself putting the original draws scanned here, because honestly they look like crap. (Though, this doesn't mean that the digital media it's going to be better).
So I’ll be posting some pictures here, and probably really sketchy and unfinished, and probably with soft porn reminiscences as well, so I’d better set the adult content warning.

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