Friday, 12 September 2008

Did I mention I was a very ambitious person regarding webcomics, well long time ago I post a short and very porny story on smackjeeves, it had his 10 minutes of fame before I decided to stop updating, mainly because the art sucks and because I had other things to do as well. However this year the idea of remaking the hole thing surround my mind and after some failure intends I came up with some pages, that end up looking pretty good in my opinion fort I didn't want to post any page until I have at least 12 ready with dialogs an everything (though, this comic will be more graphics than dialogs) but yesterday I realized that if I don't post a single page I'll never have the motivation or the pressure to do the following pages, so I'll try to set the things up, and put the comic online this week.So if you are eager for more nudity and less plot this will be your kind of comic, I'll post the link as soon as I upload the first 2 pages.(I guess I don't need to warn you about the adult content, so stay away underage reader)

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