Sunday, 4 January 2009

I survived!

I survived!
I survived the New Year hangover, Yay! Well after I disposed myself to pass a New Year alone and occasional Jehovah witnesses who for some estrange reason decide to preach the 31 of December at night, anyway it was like 11:20 pm when a good friend of mine show up in my door, apparently all her New years plans failed horribly, I don’t even remember what happened with her “New Year backup plans” because she had many, not to mention that she criticize me a lot for spending the New Year at home, when the half of the city full the beaches eager to put alcohol in their veins; So she came to spend the New year with me and make me company so we can whine together how lame our New Year was, but we end up having a good time, drinking a lot of wine and talk a lot about life and all that things that people say only when they are drunk. The next day we spent most of the day sleeping and several attempts to watch TV.

After that she went back to her home and I stay at mine and keep sleeping, the next day I woke up freaked out because I started to feel something weird with my heart beating, apparently a side effect of some meds I was taking, seriously I thought I was going to die, I pray, pray a lot, the worst of all is that I was alone, and I was starting to think that I was going to die alone because no one was there to help me or even find my body soon, I was considering deleting all the gay things on my computer, but then I decide to go to the doctor instead.

The doctor told me that it was nothing serious, and to stop taking meds without prescription! (I know but I have the bad tendency of taking meds as soon as I fell something weird with me) but at that point I have researched about some many things related to the possible cause of my heart beating and the pills I took, that for an instant I thought I knew more about medicine than him, so I keep arguing and arguing with him until he prescribe me an injection of I don’t know what because I couldn’t understand his handwriting, I thing he did it to avoid my incisive questions, Latter I found out he was right cause the next day I was feeling OK, an aunt and a cousin came to visit me and I ask them if they feel something weird with my hearth beating, but they said it was nothing weird with it.

To summarize, the New Year want so bad, at least it was a better than that Christmas that I spend in the airport when an airline lost my sister's luggage.

After all this events I feel incredibly uninspired and mostly lazy to make comic pages, which is a estrange sensation, but I’ll try to overcome it and star updating in regular schedules.

sea lions after the massive New year's hangover at the shores

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