Sunday, 11 January 2009

My computer explode!!!

Argg My computer explode!!! I interpret this as a sign of destiny telling me that I should stop spending so much time in front of a computer, but I guess destiny wasn’t counting with laptops and wireless internet. Acording to the techniccian no files are lost, and it’s just a minor problem, I don’t know I guess I should believe him, unfortunately, I’m won’t be able to fix the problem until Tuesday, and even if I can comunicate and work with the laptop, the photoshop files with the drawings for the next pages are in my PC and I can’t acces to them until I fix the problem with the computer, and since I dont want to redraw it all I’ll have to wait until Monday, and probably be able to finish the pages for wendsday that If I don’t get a job after,urgg job.

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